Benicio Del Toro Likely To Star In Shane Black’s THE PREDATOR

So much awesome in one sentence.

You shouldn’t need much incentive to watch a new Shane Black movie, period. And there’s little that needs to be added to the idea of a Shane Black The Predator movie to make things exciting. But Black still has to fill the thing with actors (and, well, a premise), and each bit of casting is another opportunity to make this one of the coolest sounding projects to come around in a while.

That’s starting today. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Benicio Del Toro, who has been turning in a lot of great, bizarre performances lately, is in talks to take the film’s lead role. They describe the film as an ensemble (which makes sense, as we need to watch a crew get decimated) and pinpoint Del Toro’s role as the lead of that group.

That’s about all we know, as much about this project remains secret. Nevertheless, it’s definitely enough to keep excitement going until we get the next super casting announcement. The Predator is expected to begin shooting next February.