Composer Podcast: Paul Haslinger Scores HALT AND CATCH FIRE

A piece of Tangerine Dream has returned with Haslinger's sythy-cool score.

In the last several years, there has been concerted effort to revisit some of the aural and visual aesthetics characteristic of the 1980s in modern media. One of the pioneering musicians during that time was Paul Haslinger who was an integral member of the synth band Tangerine Dream. They were responsible for crafting many of the iconic synth scores of the 1980s including, Thief (1981), Sorcerer (1977), Near Dark (1987), Risky Business (1983), Firestarter (1984) and the U.S. release of Legend (1986).

Paul joined the group in 1986 and spent four years composing, producing, touring, and scoring films with the synth ensemble.

Since that time, Paul has gone on to score films himself and has been involved with many high-profile productions including Blue Crush (2002), Underworld (2003), Crank (2006), and Death Race (2008). While these scores share a unique style and approach to film scoring, none really targets the quintessential Tangerine Dream sound that made the band famous during the 1980s.

One of Haslinger’s more recent musical endeavors has been scoring the television series Halt and Catch Fire (2014-2016). Here Haslinger has had the opportunity to revisit some of the iconic idioms indicative of the Tangerine Dream sound. It’s refreshing to hear these icy-warm textures make its way back into modern media.

Our next exclusive composer podcast brought to us by Lakeshore Records and Tony Giles of The Damn Fine Cast features Paul Haslinger talking about his work on Halt and Catch Fire. As usual, Tony digs in deep to talk about the details of his creative process, career, and the various ups-and-downs of the trade.

A digital release of Haslinger’s music from Halt and Catch Fire is now available and is sure to become one of your more listen to scores this year.

I haven’t yet seen the show but the music alone makes me want to add it to the list. Sit back, releax, and enjoy your behind-the-scenes listen into Haslinger’s score for Halt and Catch Fire.