Drop What You’re Doing And Watch This Pre-CGI Footage From MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

This is incredible.

The video below - with offers four straight minutes of pre-CGI, behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road - has been making the rounds today. Maybe you saw it posted elsewhere and thought, "Y'know, I've seen Mad Max: Fury Road several dozen times now. I probably don't need to bother with that clip."  

You thought wrong. 

I've got very little to add here, except to say: it's been well over a year since Mad Max: Fury Road landed in theaters, and by now it feels as though the film's legacy (that of an insta-classic action epic) has been decided. It's clear that this is a film we'll be taking apart, rewatching, and obsessing over for many years to come. To my eyes, this footage only reinforces Fury Road's legendary status.

Speaking of which: isn't it about time we got another update on the next Mad Max? What is George Miller up to right now, anyway?