Get Ready For A Remake Of THE TOXIC AVENGER

From the co-director of SAUSAGE PARTY.

According to The Wrap, Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon will remake the 1984 Troma classic, The Toxic Avenger. The Wrap goes out of its way to specify that this will be a live-action remake, just in case you were worried Vernon might be making a feature film version of the inexplicable Toxic Avenger cartoon series.

Right now, there's very little to go on beyond the fact that Vernon's remake is happening. We know it'll be produced by Storyscape Entertainment and Akiva Goldsman's Weed Road, that a script (by Steve Pink and D.C. Mitchell) is being rewritten by Chris Poole and Mike Arnold, and...that's about it. 

I enjoyed Sausage Party enough that I'm curious about this project, but I remain largely ambivalent about the Toxic Avenger franchise/character/fanbase in general. What do you guys think? Into it? Unreasonably angry about it? Indifferent? Sound off below.