Mister Sinister To Be A Sinister Mister In WOLVERINE 3

Now confirmed.

You may not remember this since it's been years and years since the movie came out this summer, but X-Men: Apocalypse ended with a post-credit stinger that heavily hinted Mister Sinister would soon make an appearance in the X-Men movie universe, more often than not in the next Wolverine movie.

That is now confirmed, as apparently Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg spill the beans on the audio commentary they recorded for the home video release of Apocalypse. The scene in questions shows dudes from the Essex Corporation stealing Wolverine’s blood from the Alkali Lake Weapon X facility, so they weren’t exactly being coy about it to begin with.

I’ve read a gazillion X-Men comics, but I never had a good grasp on what Mister Sinister’s deal was. He’s a big dude with a jewel in his forehead who can control every cell in his body and enjoys doing all kinds of wacky genetic experiments. He is lame.

We still don’t know who will play Sinister, but the smart money’s leaning toward Richard E. Grant who was cast in the film for a role described as “wacky scientist”. It’s possible he’s just playing some kind of right hand man type, but casting him as Sinister seems a bit more likely.

Wolverine 3, despite having a lame villain, still has some exciting stuff going for it. Hugh Jackman’s closing the book on his famous character with this film, Patrick Stewart will be in it, and they’re going for an R rating. I’m excited to see what director James Mangold delivers.