Turns Out, JURASSIC WORLD Was The Start Of A Whole New JURASSIC PARK Trilogy

The director of JURASSIC WORLD 2 drops an unsurprising bombshell.

As you know, J.A. Bayona (director of The Impossible and the upcoming A Monster Calls) is currently hard at work on a sequel to 2015's Jurassic World. As you may not have known, Bayona's film will actually be the middle portion of a brand-new Jurassic trilogy.

The news comes to us out of TIFF, where Bayona's making the promotional rounds on behalf of A Monster Calls. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he says:

"We’re very into Jurassic World right now. It’s very exciting. (Original director) Colin Trevorrow has envisioned a whole trilogy of films. Very ambitious. And we’re writing the second chapter, working very close together.

It’s very exciting. I cannot tell you very much about it, but we are very excited."

Keeping in mind that Jurassic World made something like $1.6B at the worldwide box office: is anyone honestly surprised by this? Barring an absolute disaster, a third Jurassic World movie was all but guaranteed. Bayona's just making the inevitable explicit. 

Is this a good approach? Time will tell. Worst case scenario is that Jurassic World 2 ends up spending most of its time moving pieces into place for Jurassic World 3, rather than providing its own standalone experience. Best case scenario is that the plot and character arcs in each film are better defined than they were in the first Jurassic World. Again: time will tell.

What do you guys think? Ready for two more Jurassic Worlds?