Agatha Christie Adaptation CROOKED HOUSE Gets A Bunch Of Cast Members

One of them is probably a real killer.

French director Gilles Paquet-Brenner will bring Agatha Christie’s novel Crooked House to the big screen. The book, which Christie herself considered one of her best, is all about a guy and gal just after World War II who would like to get married but can’t until someone solves the mystery of who killed the bride-to-be’s grandpa.

Max Irons will play the groom. Stefanie Martini will play the bride. Terence Stamp will play Chief Inspector Taverner. Glenn Close, Christina Hendricks and Gillian Anderson fill out the rest of the cast. Which one of them do you think did it!

Agatha Christie stories appear be making a comeback. Kenneth Branagh has an adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express coming as well. On top of that, the BBC is adopting seven of her novels for television. Fans of murder mysteries should be super happy. Murderers might be bummed about all their tricks getting exposed, however.