BLACK MIRROR’s Charlie Brooker Predicts Trump Will Win The Election

Charlie Brooker is very rarely wrong. Let's hope this is one of those times.

The new season of Black Mirror is almost upon us, and this week series creator Charlie Brooker's up in Toronto to screen the first two episodes of the show's third season. While there, he's been doing some press, and in the process he's made a bone-chilling prediction: Donald Trump will win the 2016 election.

Asked for his opinion on our current political climate, Brooker tells the Daily Beast:

“I find it fucking terrifying, because I think Trump’s going to win. I’m working on whether I need to build a bunker or not.”

Brooker would know a thing or two about horrible and unlikely campaign outcomes, having recently seen first-hand what happens when lunatics take over the asylum. He compares the Trump campaign to the UK's devastating Brexit well as Black Mirror S2's "The Waldo Moment" episode. Says Brooker:

"At the time I thought that was one I didn’t nail, I didn’t get the stakes right. I thought it should have been a separate thing, like it should have been a two-part miniseries. And then you look at it now and go, ‘Fuck me—that’s Trump.’

“Originally it was based on Boris Johnson in the U.K., who also fucked the country up. It’s less funny now.”

Head on over to The Daily Beast to read more of Brooker's thoughts on the matter, or just turn off your computer and start building your own bunker.