The Original STAR WARS Soundtrack Is Getting An Incredible Vinyl Reissue

You have to see this thing.

As noticed by the folks over at, John Williams' original soundtrack for Star Wars: A New Hope is getting a brand-new vinyl reissue, and can be ordered as we speak for the low, low price of $35. 

"Dude," you're thinking. "I already own multiple copies of the Star Wars soundtrack in a variety of formats. I've listened to it a bajillion times. Why do I need another copy?" 

Well, look at this:

I mean, holy shit, you guys. I am neither a collector of vinyl nor a Star Wars megafan, and this double-sided, disc-pressed set is making me rethink that in a big way. I realize the image above isn't super-big, so let's take a closer look at this thing.

First, the packaging...

I love how this thing looks! I'm guessing the Death Star looks like it's hovering in place when the album itself is closed. Now let's take a closer look at the picture discs...

Death Star, Darth Vader, got it...

X-Wings, Chewie and Han. Goddamn, these look great! If you're interested in picking one of these up, you can pre-order the set via the Amazon link below for $35 (am I crazy, or does that not seem like an incredible deal for this reissue?). Doing so will nab you your very own copy when the albums start shipping on September 30th.

What do you guys think? Digging this as much as I am, or have you had your fill of collectible Star Wars stuff?