A Whole Lotta Wu-Tang Is About To Hit Austin, TX

Not just RZA, but GZA as well!

If you’ve been keeping up on all this exciting Fantastic Fest news, you already know one of this year’s biggest jewels is a live score of The 36th Chamber of Shaolin by RZA himself September 26. That movie is worth seeing all by itself, but with a new live score by RZA, it’s a whole different level of must-see. You can learn more about it here.

But that’s not all the Wu-Tang action Austin, TX, is about to see. By crazy coincidence, GZA will be playing Austin tomorrow night as well. If you don’t know why GZA is amazing, just ask Joe Biden, as I hear he’s a super big fan of Liquid Swords. You can get tickets for that here.

On top of that, you never know. Ghostface Killah might stop by just to check out the city’s many famed fishscale restaurants. Meanwhile, ODB’s ghost could be practically anywhere.