Bad News: STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’S Been Pushed Back

To boldly not come out when expected.

The world is super fucked up right now, and as Devin recently said, we need Star Trek more than ever. Luckily, a new show is right around the corner! Well, not that corner you can see right in front of you. A couple corners past that.

Variety reports the sad news that Star Trek: Discovery, Bryan Fuller’s incredible-sounding new Star Trek series, which was supposed to arrive early next year, will now debut in May. That’s unfortunate. A spinoff of The Good Wife will take Star Trek’s earlier slot instead.

This isn’t necessarily unexpected. They haven’t even cast the show yet. With each passing week, such a near release date seemed less and less hard to believe. Alas, it was too good to be true. They need more time to make the show.

The good news is, they got it. And now hopefully Fuller and company can craft the show we deserve and kind of need. I have great faith in Star Trek: Discovery and would hate to have that squandered due to something as 21st century as impatience. If you’ll forgive my cheesiness, I would like the show to live long and prosper. Hopefully this will help it get there.