Check Out A Performance By DOCUMENTARY NOW!’s Talking Heads Parody

Test Pattern Performance plays their hit, “Art+Student = Poor”.

We don’t normally post stuff from late night talk shows, but something special happened last night on Seth Meyers’ program. Test Pattern Performance, the Talking Heads parody we’ll soon see a documentary about on Documentary Now!, stopped by to perform their fake hit, “Art+Student = Poor”. Check it out:

As you can see, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are going the Spinal Tap route with their send-up of David Byrne and company, opting to make the closeness of the parody their source of humor rather than filling their joke song with actual jokes, which is the opposite of how Popstar’s parody music worked earlier this summer. It’s a more subtle joke but also a smarter one, and it represents the highly detailed approach to parody Documentary Now! utilizes in general. I mean just look at Bill Hader’s dance! It’s spot on!

Another way this represents the show: I don’t imagine many of the people watching even know what it’s a parody of. I can’t imagine a show with less of a built in target audience than Documentary Now!, and yet here it is anyway. We’re lucky it exists at all.

I’ve been super curious about how Test Pattern Performance would sound ever since it was announced the show would cover Stop Making Sense. Now that I know, it makes the wait for that episode even harder to suffer.