Jackie Earle Haley To Be Robotic Weirdo In ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL

When oh when will they let this guy star in a nice, romantic comedy?

Robert Rodriguez continues to build his cast for what many keep calling James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel. He already has Christoph Waltz as a crazy scientist guy and Rosa Salazar as the main robot lady. Now he has Jackie Earle Haley as some kind of “monstrous cyborg.”

The Hollywood Reporter claims Haley’s role will require a bunch of CG and green screen, so it’s likely we won’t even recognize him at all. Haley’s often called upon to play villains, but monstrous cyborg might be outside his physical wheelhouse.

It doesn’t sound like the kind of role that will amount to much screen time, anyway. I don’t know the original story, so this is all wild, irresponsible speculation, but the story’s about a robot with a short skirt found in the trash and turned into an assassin by Dr. Wily, so I figure this guy will either be the film’s main villain or just one of her stops on the way.

Robert Rodriguez’s James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel is expected to start shooting next month.