Sounds Like Kurt Russell And Mel Gibson’s TV Show, THE BARBARY COAST, Is Gonna Be Epic

This sounds ambitious!

In a new interview with, national treasure and all-around badass Kurt Russell shares a few new thoughts on The Barbary Coast, the turn-of-the-century gold rush TV series he's making with Mel Gibson. From the sound of things, this show will capitalize on the longform storytelling freedoms afforded by television to tell an epic story. 

Here's how Russell describes the show:

"It's about the birth of San Francisco. The template for it is this book called The Barbary Coast, which was written by Herbert Asbury, who wrote the book The Gangs of New York. It's a fascinating story with fascinating characters, and it's a good template. You don't follow it necessarily, but it's a good template."

...(Unlike a movie) where you only have two hours to tell a story and get Machiavellian and find out about a character or characters, you've got all the time in the world. You can do what I enjoyed so much with Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, which I'm just starting to watch. When I saw this, I thought this is a great arena for that. I think longform storytelling is fascinating because you can get 360-degrees of a character, and there's no place else you can really do that like in that long form."

As we previously learned, The Barbary Coast is essentially Gangs Of New York in San Francisco, with all the brutality, colorful characters, and betrayals that implies. Russell's starring in the show alongside his daughter, Kate Hudson, and it also sounds like Wyatt Russell - last seen stealing every scene in Everybody Wants Some!!! - will also be along for the ride. 

With this cast and Gibson at the helm, we're pretty excited to see the final product. Stay tuned for more on The Barbary Coast as it becomes available.