Miley Cyrus Eats All Woody Allen’s Oranges In First Trailer For Amazon’s CRISIS IN SIX SCENES

She’s a free spirit who simply cannot say no to vitamin C.

Woody Allen claimed he may have gotten in over his head when he agreed to create a six-episode season of television exclusively for Amazon. Based on this trailer, it seems he got through it by writing a character who is also struggling with how to make a TV show:

There’s enough going on here for this to be a typical Woody Allen jam, but most eyes are going to be on Miley Cyrus and her turn as some kind of ‘60s free spirit who puts Allen’s family into upheaval. Mostly by stealing their oranges. Kids didn’t do that shit in the good old ‘50s.

More than anything, this looks like good, light Woody Allen comedy fare, which isn’t a bad thing. It will be interesting to see how the television structure and relatively long (collected) running time affects his rhythms. We’ll find out when Crisis in Six Scenes hits September 30.