Alexandre Desplat Is Out, Michael Giacchino Is In For ROGUE ONE

The STAR WARS spin-off gets a whole new sound.

Once upon a time, The Grand Budapest Hotel composer Alexandre Desplat was all set to be the first non-John Williams person to score a Star Wars film. But then (some controversial percentage of) the film had to be reshot, probably because it was just so good they felt they had to take it down a notch.

Now it’s a different film, and Desplat, who has shit to do, is not available to sit down and re-score the whole damn thing. Luckily, Michael Giacchino, who has the ability to make clones of himself, it totally available to take over. He has one of his clones working on puns already.

And thus we enter a new “what could have been” phase of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Will the Giacchino score be any good? Who cares! What we really want to argue about is whether or not his will be better than the Desplat score none of us will hear (until they release it just to shut us up). I will admit a slight fondness for Giacchino, if only because he’s scored more than half of the movies I’ve seen in the last five years and I’m worried my ears won’t be able to fully understand something without his fingerprints on it.