This Trailer For Morgan Spurlock’s RATS May Make You Lose Your Lunch

Prepare to cringe.

Morgan Spurlock has made a name for himself with high concept documentaries that feature, above all else, Morgan Spurlock. And his mustache.

That… that’s not what we get with this horrific trailer for his new film (which is playing at this year’s Fantastic Fest) Rats:

So that’s several shades of nope. Some people will get grossed out by the mere notion of rat armies evolving beyond our ability to kill them. Some will shrink at all the post rat autopsy parasites on display and the implications they provide. Others will not be cool with the significant amount of graphic rat violence we get just in those two minutes. There’s really something for everybody.

Rats wasn’t on my radar at all before this trailer. Now, it’s something I’m definitely going to see. If not at Fantastic Fest, then when it hits the Discovery Channel on October 22.