Get Ready For A Modern HIGH NOON Remake

“My Google alert says I’m supposed to have a gunfight right after brunch.”

High Noon, the 1952 movie about a sheriff who learns an angry ass-kicker and his crew are coming to kick his ass at noon, is a stone cold classic, with a premise so pure and simple it seems timeless. Relativity wants to put that to the test.

According to Variety, Relativity has just won the rights to do a High Noon remake. Instead of making it a Western, however, they’re going to do it in a modern setting, which means cell phones and cars and a whole host of other things that may strain the concept’s believability.

But maybe that’s okay. There have been a number of films that have taken the High Noon approach to their plot and come out okay, movies like Arnold’s The Last Stand and Sean Connery’s futuristic Outland. Even fellow classic Rio Bravo bears some resemblance to High Noon. None of those are actual remakes, however.

Nobody’s attached to actually make this thing yet, so we’ll have to wait and see which names get attached before freaking out too much.