Here Is The Profoundly Unfunny First Trailer For BASTARDS


Below, you will find the first trailer for Bastards, an alleged new comedy from newly-minted director Lawrence Sher (he served as cinematrographer on the Hangover trilogy, I Love You, Man, and War Dogs). The film stars Ed Helms, Owen Wilson, Glenn Close (?!), Terry Bradshaw (?!?!), Ving Rhames, and - somewhat tragically - ya boi J.K. Simmons. 

It's, uh...look, guys, it's just not a great trailer.

Remember when Phil ran that post about the Office Christmas Party trailer and he theorized that the film may have been made by robots, or a "Raunchy Party Movie Generator"? That's how I feel about this trailer for Bastards. It didn't even get a sensible chuckle out of me, and I am known for my easygoing, sensible chuckles. 

Bastards opens on January 27th, of course, and will probably be a moderate hit.