THE INVITATION Director Karyn Kusama To Next Direct Horror Film BREED

A great director gets a great new project.

If you haven’t seen The Invitation yet, I highly recommend you do so. The film is intense and mysterious and totally engaging, but above all, it’s a movie that feels particularly well-crafted from the ground up, which is why any news about its director, Karyn Kusama, comes with a bit more anticipation than normal.

According to Variety, Kusama’s next film will be Breed, an adaptation of the Chase Novak novel. The story is about a couple who go to some wacky Eastern European fertility clinic to help get pregnant. Ten years later, the resulting kid starts showing signs of possibly being a horror film villain.

Breed will reunite Kusama (who also directed Girlfight, Aeon Flux and Jennifer’s Body) with producer/writers Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi with whom she made The Invitation. Given the high quality of that film, there’s no reason not to look forward to Breed with great optimism.