First Image From The Rock’s JUMANJI Sequel Welcomes You To The Jungle

That’s quite a crew.

Production has just started on this new Jumanji film, which is apparently not a reboot but an actual sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams movie. And as often happens these days once the cameras start rolling, an actor from the film has released an image to prove it:

That’s from Kevin Hart’s Instagram. As you can see, it features the main cast in their costumes. You got The Rock looking tough, Kevin Hart looking worried, Karen Gillan looking like Lara Croft and Jack Black looking like Tik-Tok from Return to Oz.

How they end up playing a board game in that jungle remains a mystery. Unless they’re actually stuck in the game like Robin Williams was for years in the original. That would be an interesting twist, though it would forgo the cool “roll dice, shit goes down, humans run to a safe spot to keep playing” structure from the first film.

In any case, they just started this thing, so we have some time before we learn exactly what the game plan is here.