Three Incredibly Scary VR Horror Experiences Are Headed To Fantastic Fest

Get ready to experience MULE, BURLAP and CATATONIC.

A few years ago, our own Devin Faraci traveled to Estes Park, Colorado for the first-ever Stanley Film Festival. While there, he experienced something called Catatonic, a VR horror experience which caused him to make the following noises:

That experience, conceived of and directed by Guy Shelmerdine, was apparently a huge hit at the Stanley Film Festival, and has gone on to be a big hit just about everywhere else it's been showcased...which is why we're so excited that Catatonic's coming back to Fantastic Fest this year, along with two brand-new horror experiences. 

All three - Catatonic, Mule and Burlap - are produced by Dark Corner, Shelmerdine's VR content studio, and all three sound like they're going to be pants-wettingly scary. Here's a plot synopsis (and a few details) on each:


The first episode in this pioneering horror series straps you into a wheelchair as a new patient being welcomed into a sinister insane asylum…

5 minutes • 2014 • directed by Guy Shelmerdine


MULE (both versions)

A thrilling, emotional journey through the last moments of a man’s life. Choose your ending — do you want to be buried or cremated?

6 minutes • 2016 • directed by Guy Shelmerdine



Step inside the lair of a lonely and disturbed killer as he comes closer than ever to completing his masterpiece.

3 minutes • 2016 • directed by Justin Denton

So let's say you're headed for Fantastic Fest and you'd like to get involved. Here's what you need to know: Dark Corner will have its very own wing at Fantastic Fest, a space specifically carved out for attendees wishing to wet their pants in public. All you've gotta do is stop by, get signed up, and wait your turn. Here are the hours of operation:

Friday September 23 through Sunday September 25 
Closed 4:30pm-5:30pm, 7:30pm-8:30pm
Monday September 26 through Wednesday Sept 28

And here's a quote from Shelmerdine regarding the rollout: 

“We’re incredibly excited to be an integral part of Fantastic Fest and share our experiences with their global audience,” said Dark Corner founder Guy Shelmerdine. “These films represent unforgettable journeys that are intended to push the boundaries of what 360º immersive storytelling can be. We cannot wait to unleash them.” 

There's never any shortage of kick-ass things to do at Fantastic Fest, and these three VR experiences are absolutely at the top of my list this year (I'm particularly concerned and excited about Mule, which sounds like it might involve me, a claustrophobe, experiencing burial in VR, and that definitely will not turn out well for me). Keep your eyes peeled for Dark Corner's, uh, corner of the South Lamar Drafthouse when Fantastic Fest kicks off this Thursday!