It’s Official: There’s Going To Be A WIZARD AND GLASS TV Series

This whole DARK TOWER thing just ramped up a bit.

Happy birthday, Stephen King! Instead of getting you a present, we’re kind of getting one ourselves.

The original idea for adapting The Dark Tower was to make a series of films along with some seasons of television to help flesh out the story, making it a multi-armed media beast the likes of which we have yet to see.

We do have a movie coming, but the rest of that ambitious plan has not yet been put in motion, leading many to wonder if going beyond this first film was even still in the cards. Turns out we had nothing to fear as EW reports we are definitely getting a season-long television adaptation of Wizard and Glass.

This is brilliant for a couple reasons, the biggest being that Wizard and Glass is a prequel story, allowing a lesser-known (cheaper) actor take over Roland’s role in Idris Elba’s place. But it also fleshes out the backstory of Roland’s quest in a way a movie just can’t, giving greater significance to events we’ll hopefully see in movies to come.

Idris Elba will be in the show, however, in a framing device, as will Tom Taylor as Jake, so it won’t be completely removed from the world of the movie. It’s unknown whether or not Matthew McConaughey will appear. His character can take different forms, so his involvement isn’t exactly necessary. But it would be super cool.

There is a commitment to make the whole season, which they expect will run between ten to thirteen episodes. Director Nikolaj Arcel and co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen are working on a script now. The show still needs a showrunner. They also don’t know who will actually air the show, but it’s not like they’re going to have trouble with that.

EW also got this cool map to help you get even more excited than you already are:

For non-Dark Tower fans, Wizard and Glass is often cited as the best book in the series. Without spoiling anything, it is both a Western and a love story of the highest order that more or less stands on its own in the Dark Tower mythos while also adding vital details to it at the same time. It is the perfect part of this epic to get a TV treatment.

That’s a lot of information. An abnormal amount of information, actually. But it is Stephen King’s birthday. This should definitely put everyone in a celebratory mood.