Report From Fantastic Fest Day Four!

Tim Burton, an ill-advised eating competition, a well-advised trip to Smitty's, loads of movies and Dishoom Reigns! karaoke.

photos by Jack Plunkett, David Hill, Arnold Wells, Rick Kern and Waytao Shing.

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We're officially in the second half of the fest, and we're crazy excited to welcome our Second Half badgeholders to the UTTER INSANITY!!! There is much fun and film in your immediate future. 

And food! Day Four kicked off with a bike ride (or bus ride, for the less athletically inclined of our participants) to legendary institution Smitty's Barbecue. And later in the day, a different sort of feasting unfolded, with our inaugural PUKE AND EXPLODE!!!!! eating contest. Participants ate PB&Js (pigs blood and jellyfish sandwiches), lard ice cream comes topped with sprinkled "ants" and much, much more. These guys are brave. 

It was the final day for Fantastic Market, which culminated in a Nordic Genre Invasion panel and mixer: 

We had a very special guest in Tim Burton, who arrived just as the black storm clouds gathered above South Lamar in what can only be a cosmic confluence. Fantastic Fest mainstay Robert Rodriguez proclaimed yesterday Keep Austin Peculiar day on behalf of the mayor of Austin, and then Burton gave a warm and engaging Q&A after the hugely popular screening of his new film MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN. The screening was immediately followed by a great conversation between Burton and Leonard and Jessie Maltin in The Highball:

And of course it's not Fantastic Fest without the films. We had jam-packed screenings and insightful Q&As of the following films: FRAUD, S IS FOR STANLEY, the FANTASTIC SHORTS lineup, the AGFA presentation of ZODIAC KILLER, BAD BLACK, DEAREST SISTER, FASHIONISTA and PHANTASM: RAVAGER.

And we ended the night with our annual karaoke party, this year thematically titled DISHOOM REIGNS!!!!!!

And! Our media sponsors Nerdist have gotten together a video recap of Day One for us, too. 

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