Of Course 007’s Producers Want Daniel Craig Back For BOND 25

Breaking news from the "No Shit, Sherlock" department.

When reporting James Bond franchise news in a near-vacuum, a trend emerges: you get the thinnest sliver of actual info, one barely worth reporting, but you’re all excited and whatnot to talk about the next film, so you report that sliver, and then you pad it out with your own prognostications, which are heavily colored by what you want to happen.

I’m as guilty of it as anyone, and admitting you have a problem, I’m told, is the first step toward recovery. Those same folks tell you “one day at a time” though, so bear with me here as we cover the latest news:

Daniel Craig is still Eon’s first choice to play 007 in Bond 25.

A-doy, a wise man once said. Craig’s four Bond films, whatever the internet thinks of them, have revitalized the franchise, attracted new blood on both sides of the screen, and made a gazillion dollars worldwide. So when Bond executive producer Callum McDougall told the BBC that “without any question (Craig) is absolutely Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli’s first choice. I know they’re hoping for him to come back,” we can’t really act too surprised. Of course Eon wants him to come back.

And most Bond fans want him back as well. As one fan put it to me, “(with Spectre) he’s made his Moonraker; now let him make his For Your Eyes Only.” In non-Bond Nerd, that means, “Daniel Craig stuck with tradition and made a big, overstuffed, unwieldy fourth movie; let him go out on a back-to-basics win.” I won’t argue with that. I’d even go along with “Craig made his Thunderball; now give him a weird-as-hell You Only Live Twice swan song.” Either way, hearing that Eon wants Craig back is good news for some of us.

But if Spectre broke your heart, or if you’re over Craig’s run in general, you’ll no doubt greet this news by trotting out the old “I’d rather slash my wrists” chestnut, and say that that Craig and Bond are dunzo, and that all this back and forth speculation are just the death throes of the Craig era. Sad!

But who knows? Well, one person knows, and that’s Daniel Craig. If he hasn’t said yet, then odds are he’s still thinking about it. And while one person might chalk up Craig moving onto Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky and Showtime’s Purity as signs he’s moved on from the role, you could make just as strong a case that he’s just recharging his batteries, as he did with a large slate of projects between 2008 and 2012.  

Yep, Daniel Craig knows, and he’s not talking. He will, however, be talking on October 7th, at a New Yorker Festival event in which he’ll chat with writer Nicholas Schmidle for 90 minutes. Is this the interview in which Craig finally reveals his decision? I’ll let you know.