A24 Thinks You Might Be Able To Take A Jai Courtney Movie Seriously

The company will release THE EXCEPTION.

Jai Courtney’s star continues to seek out ways to break into our hearts. One of these days, he might actually pull it off. I thought he came pretty close in Suicide Squad. He looked and acted cool, but the movie gave him little to do. Alas, it was another Jai bust.

A24 thinks that day has come with The Exception, a WWII drama co-starring Lily James and Christopher Plummer. The story is about a German Officer who falls in love with a Jewish Dutch lady, something that probably doesn’t bode well for his next performance review.

This is pretty heavy stuff, the kind of material that seems well outside Jai’s wheelhouse. But maybe that’s because we’ve never seen him go for something like this before. Maybe Jai’s been an Oscar bait actor this whole time and we just didn’t know it yet. It looks like we’re going to find out soon enough!

Also, here’s a brief clip from the film if you’re curious. #jaibless