Chevy Chase Will Play A Foul-Mouthed, Fugitive Grandpa In FEDERAL OFFENSE

Welp, fingers crossed.

According to an exclusive report at The Hollywood Reporter, Chevy Chase has signed on to star in a raunchy new comedy by the name of Federal Offense.

Here's how THR's describing the project:

Newcomer Connor Martin wrote the script, which is described as having a screwball storyline that centers on three best friends who lose a drug kingpin's stash before finding themselves on the lam from gangsters, bounty hunters and the law after breaking their foul-mouthed grandfather out of his nursing home. 

Obviously, Chase - who starred in FletchThree AmigosVacation, and Caddyshack, thus earning him a lifetime pass in my household - will be playing the foul-mouthed grandfather. As of yet, there is no director attached to Federal Offense, but my suggestion to Boundless Pictures (the company behind the film) would be to find someone very easygoing. 

Nothing further to report at this time, but we'll keep you informed as the updates roll in. In the meantime: what do you guys think of this? Interested to see Chevy back on the big screen? What's your favorite Chevy joint, and why is it Fletch? Sound off in the comments below.