Disney’s Getting A Live-Action MULAN On Screens In 2018

And it looks like whitewashing won’t be an issue.

Disney knows how to make money, not just with Marvel and Star Wars movies, but with their own brand as well. This year’s Moana seems posed to do extremely well. Everyone is just dying to see footage from their live-action Beauty and the Beast. And now they’ve announced a live-action Mulan to come out in almost exactly two years.

Hardly anything else is known about the project. It’s too early for any of that, though those blanks won’t be empty for long. But it does appear Disney will do a global casting search for a lead Chinese actress, so cool down your hot takes.

I just want to know what the little dragon will look like. Actually that’s not true. Mulan’s a story with all kind of potential for cool action set pieces. It will be interesting to see who gets to direct those. In fact, I’m more excited for this live-action adaptation than a good number of other Disney properties one could list, and I look forward to hearing more about this with great anticipation.