Patrick Wilson & Ian McShane Get Into Western Trouble In THE HOLLOW POINT

Also starring Jim Belushi!

At first sight, the image of Ian McShane and Patrick Wilson all gunned up and walking through a (modern) Western thoroughfare - so, like, a dirt road - made me think their new movie The Hollow Point would be all about pulpy fun. After all, Ian McShane can be pretty campy and Patrick Wilson’s always playing manly wimps. Maybe this would be more on the fun side of things.

Instead, we have something far more serious, a weird horror-Western hybrid that has something to say about gun running between Mexico and the US. Check out the trailer:


It looks a little low rent, but I wouldn’t say no to seeing this, Jim Belushi and all. It’s not every day you get to see John Leguizamo as a terrifying super killer, nor do you often get legit leading roles from McShane. How could I say no to that?

The Hollow Point, which I suppose describes a bullet but could also be what you get when you argue with a moron, comes out December 16th.