You Can Now Watch The First Episode Of WESTWORLD For Free, Right Here

Don't have HBO? We've got you covered (for one episode, then you'll need to get HBO).

So, HBO rolled out Westworld this past Sunday, and it's turned out to be quite a conversation starter. Everywhere you look, people are prematurely declaring it the successor to Game Of Thrones (entirely possible, but let's not get hysterical), rattling off borderline-insane fan theories (people, please remain calm), and gearing up for what I suspect will be several weeks' worth of scorching hot takes regarding the show's treatment of pleasure-bots. 

All this chatter matches the pilot's strong viewer turnout (according to reports, veiwership was on par with True Detective's highly-anticipated S1 premiere), but what about those of you without HBO? Surely you'd like to theorize and jump to conclusions with the rest of us.

Good news for you, then, that HBO decided to hook non-subscribers up with the pilot episode for free. You can watch it below, and you should, because this is a series I suspect we'll be talking about quite a bit in the weeks ahead. 

Give that a whirl (or, if you're at work, bookmark this page and get back to us when you get off work), and then hit the comments below to let everyone know what you thought. Please remember to phrase your comments in the form of an overly-complicated fan theory which hinges upon very little tangible evidence. 

Westworld airs on HBO every Sunday night, and we'll be talking about it here every Monday as the season progresses. Stay tuned.