New ALLIED Trailer Focuses On Crazy Spy Action

Finally, this movie looks awesome.

I’ve been giving the new Robert Zemeckis human actor film Allied a bit of side-eye for a while, simply because it looked more like a romance than a proper spy movie. But if this new trailer is any indication, boy was I wrong:

That thing kicks off with an almost silly amount of goofball spy action before laying out a pretty simple but exciting plot: two spies fall in love, get married and have a kid; then one finds out the other is a spy that must be eliminated. Sure! I’ll buy that for a dollar. If the dollar theater is closed I might even pay full price.

We are a shallow people, so I hope Allied can live beyond just being the movie that broke up Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Until then, Homewrecker: The Revenge comes out November 23.