THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN Gets A New Red Band Trailer

Oh my god this trailer is so gory and intense!

The Edge of Seventeen is a typical high school coming of age dramedy except it’s not that typical at all because it is rated R and has a lot of F-bombs. You can see quite a few of them in the following red band trailer:

If you’ve been following this film, not a whole lot is new here, but it’s always nice to see Woody Harrelson read a teenager’s dirty sext out loud. I had him do that at my Sweet 16 and it was a blast.

If you haven’t been following this film, the trailer makes it all pretty clear. I don’t need to go into it. For parents out there, this film could be a great way to bond with your teenager daughter or babysitter if you have one or both. If your kid or babysitter is a boy, it still might be worth a shot.

The Edge of Seventeen comes out on the edge of November 18.