Here’s Our First Look At An Incredibly Old Professor Xavier In LOGAN

In which Patrick Stewart looks old af.

Yesterday, after months of playing coy and dodging questions, 20th Centry Fox finally started pulling back the curtain on the third (and allegedly final) Wolverine movie.

As it turns out, the film is called Logan, will take place far in the future, and involves a very old Wolverine protecting a young mutant by the name of X-23. 

Also onboard for this final trip to the Wolverine well: Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier, who - as revealed in the photo below, posted to Logan director James Mangold's Twitter feed - will be older than ever. 

Ya boi's looking old af right there, but I suppose that makes sense. According to reports, Logan takes place almost 20 years in the future, and that's about how much older Stewart's looking in this photo. That's some effective makeup work!  

I'm curious what you guys think of Logan now that it's starting to take shape. From where I'm standing, this thing sounds bananas (did you see that script page?), so I'm really curious to check it out, but I'm wondering if X-Men nerds are enjoying the weirdness of it as much as I am.

Sound off below, and stay tuned for what I imagine will be a steady onslaught of promotional images and updates as we inch towards Logan's March 3rd release date.