Universal Pulls The Trigger On A GEARS OF WAR Movie

This movie will definitely be good and absolutely no one involved should be worried about it.

Welp, sounds like it's finally happening: Microsoft's Gears Of War franchise - a third-person sci-fi bullets-and-beefcake extravaganza which has spawned multiple sequels since debuting all the way back in 2006 - is going to become a movie, with Universal putting the project into active development.

Here's the news, via Variety:

The film adaptation, announced during a livestream for the upcoming release of Gears of War 4, is being developed with Universal Pictures under the eye of veteran film producers Scott Stuber (“Ted,” “The Kingdom”) and Dylan Clark (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”). A movie based on the popular third-person shooter franchise has been rumored for years, but Rod Fergusson, studio head of game developer The Coalition, said now was the right time to make the leap to film.

Real talk: while it's true that Hollywood has yet to deliver a truly great video game adaptation (believe it or not, I think Silent Hill came the closest; don't @ me), I don't think that means they should stop trying. We're living in an age where some games provide experiences which are every bit as resonant, immersive, and compelling as our favorite films, and sooner or later one of those properties is going to become the First Great Video Game Adaptation.

Further real talk: I honestly don't think the First Great Video Game Adaptation is going to be Gears Of War, an overly-macho, glorified shooting-gallery which already seems beholden to a number of other, better, more iconic games and films. 

Then again, as Fergusson points out, this franchise has already spawned a line of novels and tie-in comics, so perhaps there's a richer mythology here than I realize and this whole thing's a great idea. Maybe this won't be a gigantic CGI eyesore filled with pixelated fireballs and gigantic Bros chainsawin' their way through waves of digital enemies. Maybe this will be the Great Video Game Adaptation we've been waiting for. Or maybe I'm right and they should shut the fuck up and give Gore Verbinski whatever he wants to make that R-rated Bioshock movie. I don't know.

Weigh in on this below, folks.