PSA: The Second Episode Of WESTWORLD Is Now Streaming Via HBO

Got HBO Now, Go or On Demand? You're in luck.

This is just a quick public service announcement to let you know that HBO, in their infinite wisdom and mercy, have just made the second episode of Westworld available via HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO OnDemand. If you've got access to any of these services, you're in luck: you don't have to wait for Sunday to see this week's ep, "Chestnut".

Why the early release? EW speculates that it may be HBO's attempt to avoid getting trampled by this weekend's Presidential debate, which sounds like a pretty good theory to me. The buzz surrounding the series exploded after the premiere aired (apparently, over 3.3 million people tuned in), and I'm sure they'd like to keep that particular hype train a-rollin'. 

While you're here, I'd also like to point you in the direction of this page, which was launched yesterday in conjunction with the ongoing NYCC. That's a faux back-end for Delios, the fictional company at the heart of Westworld, and contains a number of "private" emails between company employees that you can scan through.

It's clearly the first part of some sort of Westworld ARG, which I normally might not even pay attention to ... except for the fact that a few of those emails may discount one or two currently-popular Westworld fan theories (for instance: that the show is taking place on Mars). Sad!

Stay tuned for lots more Westworld coverage, folks. We'll be running a weekly open thread for the show every Monday, and will keep you informed on any other updates pertaining to the show as they become available.