Tom Hanks And Emily Blunt Will Host SNL This Season

SNL's new season is attracting some heavy hitters.

In case you hadn't noticed, a new season of Saturday Night Live just kicked off. It's obviously way too early to render any verdicts about the new cast members or the season itself, but last week's episode (hosted by Margot Robbie, and - according to Deadline - the proud owner of the biggest SNL season premiere audience in 22 years) was pretty solid! 

Good news is, it sounds like things have a good chance of staying that way:

Yes, Emily Blunt (who'll be promoting The Girl On The Train) and Tom Hanks (who'll be promoting Ron Howard's Inferno) are both onboard to host new episodes of the show this month, and BMD's resident SNL nerds are pretty stoked about it.

For one thing, any situation can be immediately improved with the addition of Emily Blunt; that's just science. And for another, Hanks is something of an SNL legend, a member of the prestigious Five Timers Club (this will actually be his ninth appearance on the show), and this is his first hosting appearance on the show in over a decade. You just know the writing staff's gonna bring their A-game.

Anyway, we're excited about this and hope you are, too. Season's off to a strong start.