UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS Trailer Reminds You This Series Exists

Those wacky vampires and werewolves are at it again.

Not to sound like a super idiot with no taste in movies at all, but I have never seen any of the Underworld series. Perhaps that is why I watch this trailer simultaneously confusing it with both Twilight and Resident Evil:

Whatever’s going on here, this film does appear to have a ton of action. I don’t know how much of it looks all that exciting, but if you’re going for quantity, you might be in luck.

As for all the narrative elements, I have no idea. I watched it twice and find it mostly mystifying. At the end Kate Beckinsale shows up in a new fur coat, which fetches a nice reaction, I guess. Nothing here makes me want to check out what I missed in this series, that’s for sure.

Underworld: Blood Wars comes out January 7.