You Can Help People With Cancer Just By Watching CARRIE

Worth going even if you think William Katt is setting you up.

If you're a horror fan living in Los Angeles, you are legally prohibited from complaining there's nothing cool to do, especially in October. I put together a calendar for things I want to see and do over the next few weeks, and it was borderline comical how many things that, in any other month would be worth taking the day off work and getting there early to ensure I didn't miss it, but now have to be skipped entirely because something even better is happening on the same night. It can be a bit frustrating (horror is fun year-round, not just when you can have everything you eat in Pumpkin Spice flavor), but goddamn is it easy to forget that "annoyance" when you're engaged in yet another terrific event.

Now, when you DO have to pick and choose, budget concerns might be a factor, which is what makes Scream Factory and weSPARK's Carrie screening (of the REAL version, you monsters who dared ask) and prom-themed party such a win-win scenario - not only is it fairly cheap (only 25 bucks for the screening and party), but the money goes to weSPARK's cancer support center - which just happens to have Nancy "Chris Hargensen" Allen as its executive director. Not only will she be on hand, but she'll be bringing along tons of the film's cast and crew (including Ms. White herself, Piper Laurie) for a Q&A moderated by Bryan Fuller. And if you got a little more dough to send to this most important destination, you can get higher priced packages that include Scream Factory's new Blu-ray, a photo op, better seats for the screening and private pre-party with Allen and the others. Per Scream Factory, ALL proceeds will directly benefit weSPARK’s cancer support programs, so if you're planning to get the Blu-ray anyway there's little excuse not to shell out the extra money considering the physical perks you get, as if simply making life better for people battling the cancer menace isn't enough of a good reason.

Granted, the party and other stuff is cool, but a screening of Brian De Palma's classic is enough reason to want to attend. The prom theme often keeps Carrie off the standard lists of Halloween-time perennials, but it's a perfect October movie - a winning mix of fun material and genuine terror, like the best viewing options for this particular month should be. And it goes without saying that any Brian De Palma film should be experienced on the big screen if possible, and this is especially true of Carrie's climactic prom scene, where the chaos couldn't even be contained in a standard frame and was split into two for the bulk of its action. You can also appreciate the Oscar-nominated performances of the two leads (Laurie and Sissy Spacek) all the more, especially if you're a younger horror fan who is used to seeing the likes of Paranormal Activity sequels on the big screen as opposed to anything that would get the Academy's attention. 

The screening and party will happen next Friday, October 14th, at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. The start time is a bit hazy (I've seen 6:30, 7pm, and 8pm - I assume 6:30 is for that pre-party, doors at 7pm, movie at 8pm? Don't hold me to that - trying to find out and will update when I can), but give yourself time for parking and of course getting dressed - those who wear their finest '70s attire and/or dress as a character in the film will be entered into a contest, where the winner will presumably not be drenched in pig's blood. You can get all the info and tickets HERE, and of course visit Scream Factory for more info on their jam-packed Blu which, as usual for them, will be worth upgrading to and give you no reason to hold on to any previous version, as it will include all of the bonus features that were included on earlier incarnations. Bonus: it will be completely free of the 2013 remake.