Just Try Not To Love This New THE GREAT WALL Trailer

Badass and beautiful.

We’re in some kind of amazing monster movie renaissance. Between A Monster Calls, Colossal, and The Great Wall, filmmakers are doing so many amazing things with this subgenre. Even Shin Godzilla is trying something new and odd with its approach.

The Great Wall is a lot more straightforward, however. It’s a flat out war film starring not one giant monster, but a whole shitload of medium-sized monsters. And also some white people. You can see all that and more in this amazing, just-released new trailer:

People complaining about putting Western actors above Eastern actors in a China-set movie are going to find a lot more to be offended by in this trailer than the one preceding it. The focus here is almost totally on white leads, while the other kind of spread things around a bit more.

If that’s your boggle, you may have a hard time with this film. My take is that this is a Chinese production hoping to achieve mainstream success in America. That’s not an easy thing to do without movie stars like Matt Damon. But I also understand why people don't like what's going on here. I do wonder if Damon and co. will actually be in the movie as much as this trailer indicates. How great would it be if they all have surprising deaths early in the film?

For me, I think this looks super exciting and can’t wait to see it when it arrives early 2017.