Shepard Fairey’s Amazing IDIOCRACY Poster Goes On Sale Tomorrow

Make sure you get one of these.

I probably don’t have to explain the unfortunate links Mike Judge’s satirical Idiocracy shares with the presidential election we are all currently suffering through. Suffice to say, there is a reason Shepard Fairey, the artist behind Obama’s famous and iconic “Hope” image, has a super cool Idiocracy poster coming out:

This poster (which measures 18 inches by 24 inches) goes on sale tomorrow (October 9) at 5pm PST. When the time comes, you can buy it exclusively at, coinciding with the second presidential debate. They are $40 each.

You only have 72 hours to buy your copy. The sale ends Wednesday, October 12 at 5pm PST. So mark your calendars.

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the League of Women Voters and The Young Literati of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. So you have even more reason to get one beyond just “wow, that looks awesome”, though it does look pretty awesome.