Marvel’s IRON FIST Teaser Actually Lets The Guy Have A Magical Kung Fu Fist

They didn’t make it a boring yellow glove or anything.

Maybe it’s my Luke Cage fatigue talking (holy smokes, the last half of that show is hard to get through), but I’m not all that excited for another stand alone Marvel show. This teaser for Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist just doesn’t do much for me:

Did you guys see that!? There’s going to be a hallway fight!

It’s cool that he’s actually getting the iron fist, though. I didn’t know if they’d even allow that. But I also get a strong Doctor Strange vibe from this footage. Both seem to be about privileged white dudes with beards who go off to become international hobos before returning home and, one assumes, kicking ass. The problem is I’m not super excited about Doctor Strange either.

Or maybe it’s just Sunday morning, and I’m being a grump. What do you think? Is there anything in this trailer that truly gets you pumped up for this show?