Who Could Be Villainous Enough To Take On THE DEFENDERS? Sigourney Weaver, Of Course

The show’s main villain just got cast.

The New York Comic Con is happening this weekend and with it comes some real news about Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders show.

Apparently Jeph Loeb announced at the convention that fan favorite Sigourney Weaver would join the cast of The Defenders. Not as a pal. Not as a cop. But as the show’s primary antagonist. We don’t know what character that will be, but it’s a Netflix show. The Defenders might not even go up against anything more out there than a tax audit.

Still, this is pretty cool. Obviously Weaver is great, but it also means things are really starting to get rolling with this big culmination show, which started on the right track the moment they announced it would only be eight episodes long. Look for more news soon.