Guy Ritchie Signs On For Disney’s Next Live-Action Remake, ALADDIN

The director of SNATCH and LOCK STOCK is headed to the Mouse House.

Here's an interesting (and very, very unexpected) pairing: Guy Ritchie has signed on to direct Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin. According to Deadline, the adaptation has been written by Big Fish's John August, with The Lego Movie's Dan Lin producing. 

Obviously, there's no timeline yet on when production might start in earnest, but chances are this one will come together with reasonable speed. Disney's got a number of these live-action remakes in the works (Jon Favreau's going straight from The Jungle Book to The Lion Kingsomeone's going to sign on to direct Mulan any minute now, Tim Burton's tackling Dumbo), with even more to be announced. 

Ritchie, meanwhile, has completed work on King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (arriving March 24th) a film which - ironically enough - will probably get steamrolled by Bill Condon's Beauty And The Beast, which opens the week before.