Recommendation: You Should Watch CHANNEL ZERO On SyFy Tonight

We've seen Craig MacNeill's latest, and it's great.

If you're a regular reader of the site, you know that I've been keeping tabs on SyFy's Channel Zero: Candle Cove for some time now.

The series - directed by The Boy's Craig MacNeill, written by Nick Antosca, and based on the infamous Candle Cove creepypasta - looked right up my alley. I'm a fan of everyone involved, I dig the weird-ass little story on which the show's based, and I was encouraged by the cast, which includes Paul Schneider (Parks And Rec, The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford) and Fiona Shaw (My Left Foot, the Harry Potter series). 

My lone concern? This would all be taking place on SyFy, a network that - real talk - has never really produced a series that grabbed me.

I am happy to report, then, that I have seen the first few episodes of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, and that it's pretty much exactly what I was hoping for: an enormously atmospheric, unsettling freakshow built around a unique internet legend. If you saw MacNeill's The Boy (and if you haven't, you need to get on that immediately), you may be pleased to hear that he's brought the same hypnotic stillness to Channel Zero that he mined so effectively in that film. 

There's also some cool creature work in here (see the image at the top of the page), some goofy/creepy stuff involving puppets (Dr. Steve Brule could not handle Channel Zero), and a pleasing number of unexpected twists to the narrative. I haven't watched enough of the series to hammer out a review, but what I've seen so far has been strong, and this feels like precisely the sort of weirdness that will appeal to you, the BMD readership.

As such, I'm recommending that you give Channel Zero a whirl when it premieres tonight. Sometime soon - hopefully the beginning of next week - I'll be back with a few more thoughts on the series, along with an interview with MacNeill and Antosca. Here's hoping you guys enjoy the series as much as I am. I think you will.

Channel Zero: Candle Cove premieres tonight on SyFy. Check local listings, thank me later.