Amber Heard’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Costume Is On Point

If she head butts or shoulder checks you, brother you are done.

Zack Snyder loves sharing Justice League images online, and we’re all very thankful for it. Getting our first look at these wackos is always fun, even if the same can’t be said for the movie they’re in.

Today that tradition continues with Amber Heard’s Mera, who we will meet in Justice League and probably get to know way better in James Wan’s Aquaman, where she may don something slightly different. Perhaps something less pointy:

I’m into it. There’s a Power Rangers comparison one could make, but I appreciate that they’re going all in on the fantasy stuff. One person's Power Rangers is another person's Masters of the Universe, after all. She looks goofy as hell but in a good way. Definitely way better than she does in this concept art:

This comes from IGN, by the way. They also have a video illustrating the creation of her ultimate costume design if you're interested in such things.

All that’s left now is for us to wonder how much screen time Mera will actually get in Justice League. Hopefully we get to see more from her than just some lame cameo.