Justin Theroux Says Yes To Duncan Jones’ MUTE

He joins Sam Rockwell and Paul Rudd in the science fiction film.

Duncan Jones isn’t sitting idly by waiting to see if he gets to make another Warcraft movie or not. Instead, he’s jumping right into his next project, Mute, a sci-fi noir that will be distributed by Netflix.

Such a prospect is exciting enough without big actors, but Mute already has a pretty decent cast including Sam Rockwell, Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard. Now, according to Variety, Justin Theroux is also joining the cast. You probably know Theroux from The Leftovers. Or, if you’re the most obnoxious member of your local non-movie trivia team, you might know him from co-writing Tropic Thunder and everyone’s favorite Marvel movie, Iron man 2.

The film takes place in Berlin 40 years from now and involves a mute bartender searching for a missing woman. The search gets him into all kind of detective-type shenanigans in the city’s darker corners. It’s from Duncan Jones, so I’m sure there will be some interesting twists.