Check Out This Unused Title Treatment From Ridley Scott’s ALIEN

Yup, that's definitely a Giger-esque title treatment.

So, here's a fun thing: an unused title treatment, created in 1979, for Ridley Scott's Alien.

Let's take a look:

Nice. So, where'd this thing come from?

According to the folks at We Are The Mutants, it was designed by Brooklyn-based illustrator Michael Doret all the way back in 1979. Doret went on to work on a number of iconic logo designs and title treatments over the years (including title treatments for ZardozWolfen, and - most recently - 2012's Wreck-It Ralph), and had this to say about his recently-unearthed Alien logo design:

"The title treatment I designed for Ridley Scott’s Alien never made it into the public arena. It had some small promotional uses before it was run over by the Bill Gold Advertising machine and relegated to the back burner. At any rate, this was great fun to have worked on—the more so since I was able to work on it with my friend (the now famous “pop-surrealist”) Todd Schorr. I designed and drew the forms based on the “bio-mechanical” forms I saw in some publicity stills from the production, and Todd painted the absolutely gorgeous finished art."

Admittedly, this post has very little nutritional value, but if you're an Alien completist like me, it's definitely a fun thing to be seeing after all this time. Definitely more ornamental and Giger-esque than the version 20th Century Fox ultimately landed on! 

Anyway, Alien and all things related to Alien continue to rule. Here's hoping next year's Alien: Covenant continues that tradition.