Yes, from the team behind MTV's TEEN WOLF.

Here is something I didn't expect to read today:

MTV is developing War of the Worlds, a contemporary drama series based on H. G. Wells’ classic alien invasion novel.

That's from a report over at Deadline, which says that former Teen Wolf writer Andrew Cochran will write the series, with Teen Wolf's Jeff Davis climbing aboard as executive producer.

This is usually the part where I'd snark on MTV's Teen Wolf, but that would require me having seen an episode of Teen Wolf at some point. You guys will probably find this very hard to believe, but I have not found time in my busy schedule for MTV's Teen Wolf.

As for the idea of a War Of The Worlds series: I'm not feeling one way or another about it. I have a gigantic soft spot for all things War Of The Worlds, and understand that this will just be the latest in what I imagine will be a neverending series of future adaptations.

In other words: these things come around like clockwork, so if MTV's version (from the writer and executive producer of MTV's Teen Wolf) doesn't set my world on fire, I can just ignore it and wait for another one to roll around in another five years. I will spend the interim watching the Spielberg version, which remains infinitely more excellent than most of you give it credit for.