The New ROGUE ONE Trailer Is Here And It Is Awesome

Gareth Edwards' STAR WARS spin-off looks incredible.

We've got all day to deconstruct the new Rogue One trailer (and trust me, there's a lot for us to sift through here), but for now I am going to get out of this thing's way and let it get to work blowing your minds. 

Check this out:

For all the hemming and hawing over the reshoots this film went through (and all the hand-wringing about the Disneyfication of Star Wars), I gotta say: to my eyes, Rogue One looks fantastic. Director Gareth Edwards is delivering a sense of scale here which I simply don't feel Star Wars has ever seen before. Given the dude's resume, I suppose that should be the least surprising thing here, but still - feels worth mentioning (or reiterating; I remember this being my impression after the last trailer arrived).

That's my big takeaway, but I'm sure you guys have your own. We're seeing some characters speak and interact for the first time in this clip, new locations have been revealed (check out that gigantic Jedi statue in the image up top!), new set pieces are being teased ... let's all take a minute to watch this a few dozen times, then hit the comments to break down your favorite moments.

Gentle reminder: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives on December 16th.