Noted Badass Jon Bernthal Signs On To Headline STINGRAY

More Bernthal is never a bad thing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, frequent MVP Jon Bernthal has signed on to headline Stingray, a new crime thriller from director Anthony Hayes.

To hear them tell it, Stingray revolves around "a young man (Bernthal) caught up in organized crime who accidentally kills the brother of a powerful crime figure. He must then kill one of his own family in the next two days to pay off his blood debt". Oh, hell yes.

Hayes - who co-wrote the script, as well - is an Australian actor whose name you might recall from David Michôd's Animal Kingdom, which is about as great a crime thriller as any of us have seen over the past two decades. Bernthal, of course, has been kicking ass and taking names in everything from The Walking Dead to The Wolf Of Wall Street to Netflix's Daredevil (next year, he'll appear in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, and will probably kick ass in that, too).

Current plans call for Stingray to start shooting in April of next year, so this one's a ways out. We'll be looking forward to it all the same.